Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ansu Jheele Wallpapers

Beautiful Ansu Jheele Wallpapers

The Ansu jheele is the very beautiful jheele in the Pakistan.It is the some fare away from Safulmolok The jheele is the shape of eye.In winter it also freeze.Than Tourist Enjoy on the freeze water.The water of this jheele is also cold.

Jheele Safulmalook Wallpapers

Beautiful Jheele Safulmalook Wallpapers

Jheele Safulmolok is the other beautiful place in the Pakistan.This Jheele is Made by the Melting of Snow.The water of this jheele is so much cold.The Shadow of the Malka Parbat is seen in this jheele.All the tourist want to seen this jheele for its beauty.The Water of this jheele is Freeze.

Swat Wallpapers

Beautiful Swat Wallpapers 

Swat is the Most beautiful side of the Pakistan.Their ar some Most beautiful Mountains & Fountains K2 is the some fear away from the swat.In winter when snow fall to the Mountain.The Mountain saw the side of Jannat  When temperature is fall down 
-0 degree all the Fountains & Mountains are freazed. There are some Most beautiful Places in Swat like an Nathya Gali & Ghora Gale.

Muree Wallpapers

Beautiful Muree Wallpapers

It is the Most beautiful and Most famous City in Pakistan.The Most famous Places of Muree is Mallroad. There are another side s of Muree is known as Putraita. It is on the Top of Mountain. There are Chairleft which goes on the half distance than other distance is covered by a new type of Chairlift. The Sight from the Top the Mountain is so much beautiful.The Horse is Muree is also beautiful.In Winter Mountain Road are covered with Snow. Peole Play with Snow.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Beautiful Pakistani Places Wallpapers

Pakistan Wallpapers

Helo My Name is Ali Usman and My Country Name is Pakistan.I love in Pakistan.Pakistan is Most beautiful Country and Most beautiful Places.
1. Muree
3.Safulmalook Jheele
4. Ansu jheele
All Pakistani Places Are Beautiful Wallpapers.
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